• Ten 4-axis machines capable of wire diameters from .004″ to .012″

  • Extremely tight tolerance (+/- .0001)

  • Experts in wire EDM for over 40 years


Wire EDM has been integral to our precision manufacturing capabilities since 1984, allowing us to manufacture production parts, prototypes, and tooling components of extremely tight tolerance (+/- .0001 inch). We are a turnkey provider, handling in-house programming, fixture design and build, and product development assistance. We service an extensive range of industries, providing components that are used in countless products, subassemblies, systems and equipment.


We specialize in producing precision wire EDM components utilizing wire diameters as small as .004”, and up to .012”. Our state of the art 4-axis FANUC machinery and strict quality control procedures allow us to provide accuracy to within +/- .0001″ repeatability. Run sizes range from prototypes and short runs, through medium and high volume.

Dimensions and Materials – Typical materials include stainless steel, tubing, aluminum and more. Additional production specification capabilities are as follows:

• Cuttable travel (XYZ) of 20.5″ x 14.5″ x 12.0″
• Minimum corner radius of .0023″ as necessary
• Maximum material weight up to 2,200 pounds
• CDM Drilling – hole diameter from .012″ to .250″; 8.0″ maximum work piece height


Industries and Applications

CEI serves an extensive range of industries including Medical, Aerospace, Defense, Industrial, Consumer, and Automotive. We have deep experience manufacturing everything from prototypes and primary or spare tooling for metal stamping dies, to production runs of surgical instruments, medical equipment, tube cutoffs, and defense system components.


What is Wire EDM?

Wire EDM is a cutting operation that is Computer Numerically Controlled and uses electrically charged brass wire to “burn” through a raw block or stack of metallic material. This results in an extremely accurate cut and clean finish suitable for Aerospace & Defense and Medical applications. Wire EDM can be used to cut or finish any material that conducts electricity.

If you have any questions about our product development capabilities, or you are ready to discuss your needs, contact us today.