• Specializing in challenging, complex components

  • Turnkey service, from design assistance through delivery

  • Multi axis Swiss machining


CEI’s state-of-the art CNC Swiss machining capabilities deliver superior quality, high precision complex parts, held to extreme tolerances. We service an extensive range of industries, producing precise components for a wide variety of applications. We handle the entire Swiss machining process from product development, in-house programming, fixturing through production, quality control and delivery. While short-run and medium jobs are gladly accommodated, we excel at high volume orders, maintaining tight tolerances and exceptional consistency across the run. Our Swiss machining department runs 24x7x365.


We specialize in producing challenging parts with complex geometries and specifications, thanks to the impressive capabilities and flexibility that our high-tech equipment offers. Our machinery provides use of multiple axis (x, y, and z), up to 5 axis 6 axis, as well as simultaneous main spindle and sub-spindle machining. We operate and maintain seven Tsugami CNC Swiss-type automatic lathes.

Further, our unique CNC Swiss Machining production process features faster material removal and reduced part handling. This allows us to provide an extensive menu of services such as turning, slotting, boring, indexing, facing, broaching, drilling, and threading. In-house finishing capabilities include light tumbling and deburring. We rely on our trusted service partners for additional processes including plating, passivation, anodizing, coating, electropolishing, heat treat and special cleaning.

Dimensions & Materials – Our precision machinery allows us to produce miniature parts with OD’s as small as 0.110”, and larger ones up to 1.25” OD. Short and long lengths can be accommodated. We work with many materials including stainless steel, cold rolled steel, aluminum, copper, brass, titanium, Inconel® and other alloys, using bar stock and tubing. Our metals are sourced from proven suppliers, of which we have long term relationships.


Industries and Applications

CEI specializes in machining custom precision components that are used in a wide variety of products, subassemblies, systems and equipment. Industries include medical, automotive, aerospace, defense, electronics, industrial, and consumer – pretty much any market that requires complex precision parts. They are used in many applications including surgical instruments, medical equipment, automotive interiors, automotive systems, propulsion systems, weapons systems, HVAC systems, alternative energy generation, control systems, valve systems, and much more.


What is Swiss Machining?

Swiss Machining is a bar feed machining operation that can machine all sides of the part simultaneously, producing a completed part in a single operation, eliminating the need for second and third operations. Swiss machining centers can hold very close tolerances up to .0001″.

If you have any questions about our swiss machining capabilities, or you are ready to discuss your needs, contact us today.