Your Objectives

From the initial meeting on any new program, your objectives guide our every move.  Through a process we call Early Supplier Involvement (ESI), we, together with our customer organize an internal team at CEI of all who influence the project:  Engineering, Department Managers, Quality Control, Sourcing, Shipping, and Sales.   This process ensures the project will be evaluated from every possible angle.  The goal is determine how best to produce your part in the most cost effective and time efficient way, while simultaneously ensuring a rock solid supply chain and the highest quality parts without compromise.

Committed service

We commit ourselves to both our customers and their projects. When you retain our services, you can expect continual communication with CEI from early involvement practices to open progress disclosure. We tailor our manufacturing process around client requirements and client budgets.

Teaming approach

We’re with you, working side by side, from start to finish. Our project teams, assembled from all aspects of the production process, work with yours to ensure that the parts coming off our lines are exactly what you need to meet market demand for your product.

Quality & Precision

CEI’s Quality Assurance department ensures all component configurations meet or exceed required specifications leveraging advanced video inspection.

Integrated into every phase of the manufacturing process, CEI’s Quality Assurance Team inspects all aspects of a project, from incoming raw material, first piece, in process, to final inspection. This department’s objective is to ensure that all client project requirements are met to specification.

To meet customer specifications, we use advanced inspection equipment including video inspection, Statistical Analysis Software, and in-process SPC data collection. Additionally, CEI’s quality system is registered to ISO 9001, ISO 13485, and AS9100.

Fully equipped

Our people, their expertise, and our equipment and facilities are selected and developed intentionally for manufacturing metal parts and components with groundbreaking levels of complexity and precision.