Product Development

Our R&D and prototyping expertise, in combination with diverse metal fabrication capabilities like tool and die making, metal stamping, CNC and Swiss machining, and wire EDM, gives us the flexibility to design and execute the manufacturing process that is right for your program.

From design to delivery, we provide one-stop convenience and align our practices, policies, and production with the principles of Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma.

Have you been told that what you need can’t be done?
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We design and build welding, bending, forming, and stamping automation cells, often using robotics, for use on our manufacturing floor or for installation at our clients’ facilities. Beginning with an expert understanding of what a process needs to accomplish, our engineers identify parts that can be automated and design automation solutions that deliver the promised improvements. Our Early Supplier Involvement (ESI) system allows us to minimize errors, evaluate and set expectations, and determine pricing and year-over-year savings.


CNC Milling & Turning

Having both milling and turning capabilities in our shop gives us the manufacturing expertise and flexibility to solve more of our clients’ most difficult challenges. This combination, along with our other metal fabrication processes, allows us to engineer programs that are faster, less expensive, and with more control.


CNC Milling

  • Full 3-axis milling centers (some with 4-axis capabilities)
  • Pallet systems for high volume production
  • Up to 18 x 36 x 16 inch pieces

CNC Turning

  • 2-axis turning centers for smaller components & secondaries
  • Puma S240MS 3-axis machining center for more complex machining
  • Integrated bar feeding systems for speed
  • Support bar stock material of up to 2.5 inches in diameter
  • Live tooling option that facilitates off-axis machining operations
  • Manufacture components from .0625 inches to 7.0 inches in diameter


For more than 30 years, we have been manufacturing precision metal stamped components for leading global manufacturers. Working directly with our customers and employing our Early Supplier Involvement project management system, our engineers and machine operators have solved stamping challenges that other suppliers have found impossible. From precision surgical devices and dental tools to fuel cell and aerospace components, our team has worked for virtually every industry where precision is non-negotiable, ensuring that every program results in the same high level of stamping quality and consistency.

In addition to blanking, piercing, forming, insertion, drawing, and coining, we also provide secondary machining operations, including Wire EDM, Deburring & Tumbling, Heat Treating, Surface Finishing, Plating, and Cleaning & Painting.

  • Up to 300 tons of progressive stamping
  • Up to 600 tons of coining pressure
  • Able to produce components with thicknesses from .0005″ to .5″
  • 300-ton Minster Press; bed size 108″ by 42″
  • Over 40 power presses
  • Operations: Blanking, Piercing, Forming, Insertion, Drawing, Coining
  • Materials: Stainless Steel, Brass, Phosphor Bronze, Nickel, Titanium, Aluminum, Cold Rolled Steel, Precious Metals

Swiss Machining

Our unique CNC Swiss Machining production process features faster material removal and reduced part handling which enhances development of our service menu (turning, slotting, boring, indexing, facing, broaching, drilling, and threading). Use of multiple axis (x, y, and z) as well as simultaneous main spindle and sub-spindle allow us to manufacture to your most complex parts specifications. The Swiss Machining department runs 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

  • Tsugami B0326-II
  • Tsugami B0125A-II
  • Tsugami SS20 Super Swissturn
  • 5 axis and 6 axis capabilities
  • .030 – 1.5 diameter bar stock
  • Able to machine stainless, brass, copper, aluminum, CRS

Wire EDM

Wire EDM has been integral to our precision manufacturing capabilities since 1984, allowing us to manufacture production parts and tooling components of extremely tight tolerance (+/- .0001 inch). We specialize in production runs of precision components and tube cut offs, creating fixtures, building spare tooling for metal stamping dies, and sharpening shaped die components.

  • Manufacture of prototypes, production parts and tooling components
  • 4-axis machines capable of wire diameters from .004″ to .012″
  • Accuracy to within +/- .0001″ repeatability
  • Cuttable travel (XYZ) of 20.5″ x 14.5″ x 12.0″
  • Minimum corner radius of .0023″ as necessary
  • Maximum material wight up to 2200 pounds
  • CDM Drill – hole diameter from .012″ to .250″; 8.0″ maximum work piece height

Example Solutions

We manufacturer a variety of precision metal products, components and assemblies for leading global manufacturers in industries, including Aerospace & Defense, Energy, Firearms, and Medical.