Medical Tube Stiffener
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Tube Fabrication is the process of applying operations, such as cutting, piercing, and forming, to raw tubing material to meet part specifications.

We perform various operations such as Tube Flaring, Tube Flanging, Tube Expanding, Tube Piercing, individually or in combinations, to meet strict custom specifications as required by our customers and per our ISO procedures. We work with tubing of different materials and for a variety of precision-minded industries.

We use certified domestic suppliers as well as qualified global suppliers of raw metal tubing. All of our tubing facilitates the best formability and highest quality parts traceable to the American Bureau of Standards.

All tooling, fixtures, and gauges used to form tubular components are designed by our engineering team and built by our experienced toolmakers. We also use our Tool & Die Maintenance Department to provide regular service programs for all tools, ensuring all tubular production components run to spec for the long term.

Tube production is performed in-house using our Stamping, CNC Machining, and Wire EDM Capabilities, as well as Secondary Operations. We also Laser Mark tubing, when required, with logos, graphics, serial numbers, or data matrices. Our Quality Assurance Department monitors all manufacturing to ensure critical specifications are met throughout production, from first piece to final inspection, as well as in process using SPC data collection.

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