Rick Griffin, President & COO of Component Engineers Inc.

Beginning in eyelet stamping and mold making, Rick has been in manufacturing for 38 years and has filled roles at every level and function. He is a certified tool and diemaker and machine operator, has performed CNC programming and setup, built automated work centers, fixtures, progressive and compound tooling. He has served as pressroom foreman, production manager, shipping manager, general manger and COO. Rick was appointed President of CEI in March of 2015.

This bottom-to-top understanding of manufacturing and quality, along with the use of Lean and Six Sigma gives him the unique ability to troubleshoot the unexpected and solve the most difficult challenges with the help of CEI’s talented and proud craftspeople.

“Over my 22 years at CEI, the goal has been to grow the company through key talent and technology investments. This has helped CEI become the world-class organization that now competes in domestic and global markets.”

With an eye on all aspects of the business, from project management and engineering to capital acquisitions and industry certifications, Rick works daily with the management staff on work flow, time management and scheduling changes, and keeps everyone focused on delivering an exceptional customer experience. He encourages the engineering and production teams to work at the cutting edge, outside their comfort zones, to make the company stronger and ready to react to the next challenge.

“For me, there’s nothing better than working with my staff and our customers to produce a quality product, that may seem impossible, on time and at cost.”